How to choose your digital camera without errors, this is the goal of this guide

Because I know it’s hard to know which camera to choose against the many existing models. To help you make your choice simply, we will see the essential criteria to remember before buying.

Given the influx of cameras that come out regularly on the market, I’m not going to make a comparison of cameras. This article will therefore remain relevant today.

Which camera to choose?
This question, you have probably already asked. To answer them, you must determine the important points that will guide your final choice.

What are your needs ?

This point is crucial in my opinion since it will allow you to target your needs.

What type of photo do you like or would like to do? You are more of a style to take pictures of family, souvenir, sport, macro, concert, studio or your photo practice is very specific.
Do you need a versatile, easy-to-use, fast, low-light camera?
Do you need a viewfinder? A retractable screen?
For you, clutter is a criterion not to be neglected? Is it easy for you to transport your camera easily to a pocket? Does transporting your material in a dedicated photo bag is not a constraint?
What will you do with your photos? Do you want to make large prints or simply admire them on screen?
Image quality

Several factors are taken into account in the qualitative rendering of an image. To find out if you’re wrong, just target a few conditions.

Choosing a camera for its high number in pixels is an error. Know first of all that pixel density should not be the main criterion of purchase to get the best image quality.

It is high to allow cropping, but especially to make large format prints. And the more pixels, the better the quality of the lens must be to meditate …