Tips: The different types of cameras

The compact is a type of camera that meets the expectations of many people. It is primarily a camera designed for people who want to take pictures easily without having to worry about any settings.

The fact of being able to take pictures anywhere and anytime, without having to ask questions about the shooting parameters is a guarantee of everyday practicality for many people.

Its goal is to take photos automatically in any situation thanks to the scene modes it has. Only the reality is quite different, since automatism has its limits.

The user of a compact does not have the hands on the basic settings of the exhibition, which makes it a non-creative camera for people who want to make the picture mastered. However, some compacts allow RAW format and PASM modes for much more flexibility.

The advantages of the compact
Small, light and discreet, it can fit in your pocket or purse. It is transportable anywhere. Easy to use, the compact is easy to access for anyone thanks to the assisted modes it contains.
All automatic for most models (but is this a benefit?)
Cheap, it touches all the purses. The disadvantages of the compact
Very small sensor.

Consequences, a small dynamic range with a very low bass and highlights rendering in contrasting situations. With a dim lens, the depth of field is very large, making it impossible to get fuzzy backgrounds for portraits. The reactivity of a compact large zoom leaves something to be desired. It is often slow to focus and trip. Shooting settings are very limited. Poor sensitivity management in low light conditions, image quality deteriorates rapidly.

The built-in flash of a compact produces unflattering images. The shot of flash it emits gives a “cottage cheese” effect to your images, ruining photos of portraits for example. It does not have an optical or electronic viewfinder, everything happens on the screen of the camera. They most often have a very large focal length digital zoom range. This is not an advantage for preserving image quality. It is better to choose a compact with an optical zoom.