What capacity should I choose for an SD or Compact Flash card

Nowadays, technology is constantly increasing and our cameras are more and more efficient, with more and more pixels, also making video. It is therefore necessary to choose a memory card adapted to his camera. For this, several criteria will be necessary.

The choice of capacity, speed and finally the brand. Of course, all this is a question of use, we will see more in detail in this article.

SD card and Compact Flash
Many types of memory cards exist on the market, but for cameras, we will retain only two.

This memory card format is used on high-end boxes, from semi-pro to professional. Compact Flash is fast, efficient and reliable. Its size is however larger than an SD card. It may be doomed to disappear in favor of the SD card.

Before buying a memory card, it is important to ask yourself this question. What most people want is to store a maximum of photos on their card, so as not to be short, it seems logical and normal.

Only, in absolute terms, is it useful to take a memory card with a higher capacity to store only half? Uh no. You will tell me, who can the most, can the least ;-).

So to get a rough idea of ​​the number of photos that can be stored on a memory card, it will take into account several factors:

The weight of the images, relative to the density of the pixels of your camera and to the size of the sensor. The format used, if it’s JPEG, the high compression ratio will increase the number of photos to be stored. The RAW format is often very heavy, especially with a high pixel count. Shooting conditions can vary the weight of the images. The ISO sensitivity also plays a role in the size of the photos.