What is bracketing in photography art?

The assurance of having a well-exposed photo is not always easy, especially during contrasting scenes. Generally, we must focus on highlights or shadows, it is quite normal during a classic shooting.

Here we will talk about a photo technique that does not date from yesterday since it was used at the time of the film. We will see that it is possible to obtain a perfectly exposed image through bracketing.

The purpose of bracketing is to shoot multiple shots of the same scene without changing the frame by using different camera settings. There are several kinds.

White balance bracketing
As you have guessed, it’s a matter of making several pictures with a different white balance on each of them. The interest is to choose the right one for your photo.

If the scene you want to shoot consists of different light sources, then it is a solution to get a correct color temperature.

Note that this technique is only dedicated to JPEG format. On the other hand, it loses all its interest in RAW since the white balance can be easily corrected in post-production.

Focus bracketing
Focus bracketing is taking multiple images with different focus on each one. The advantage of doing this is to increase the depth of field, which is very useful in macro photography. This technique, called Focus Stacking, merges these photos into specialized software.

Flash Bracketing (FEB)
This photo technique of the fill-in is to unclog the shadows using a flash cobra. By multiplying the shots, the flash will dose its light on each image to find detail in the blacks.

It’s up to you to choose which of these photos will have the best balance between the sun and the artificial source.

Exposure bracketing (AEB)
The most interesting technique of AEB is exposure bracketing. The goal is to make a series of photos at different exhibitions.

In semi-automatic mode, this method is very effective and can be very useful when you are facing a scene with difficult light conditions, very contrasted for example against days. You can then choose the best-exposed photo among all those taken.

Often left to the abandonment of beginners and often not knowing what this function is for, bracketing can be extremely powerful and become a specialty of work in its own right.

Most SLRs or hybrids have this function, just activate it. So I refer you to your manuals to know how to do it. Exposure bracketing works with PASM modes.