Instructions to make a timelapse easily

The time lapse is a photo technique that allows you to shoot a video in a fast motion with a camera by taking a large amount of images taken at regular intervals.

I assure you that this kind of film is not the work of a video camera, as I heard it here and there, but actually done with a camera. Just watch the video in high definition below.

Why and how to do a Time Lapse
The interests to make a Time Lapse are numerous.

Admire the passage of the clouds
The hatching of a flower or the growth of a plant
See rot fruit
The scrolling stars
The sunrise or sunset and the moon
Moving people to a place or any place that has a passage
Moving cars
Construction of a construction site
Melting ice

These are moments that we can not perceive naturally and that we can not film with a camera. Give free rein to your imagination.

The material to make a quality Time Lapse
To make a Time Lapse, you must use the manual mode when there are no or few light variations. This is a special but necessary condition to make a properly exposed video from beginning to end of the sequence.

Indeed, when shooting, it is important to make sure that the exposure will not vary or slightly vary.

To achieve a Time Lapse in changing light conditions, such as for a sunset for example, it will be necessary to switch to aperture priority mode and rework in post-production using specialized software to avoid the problem of flicker (flickering).

The settings below only apply when there is no light change. Here is what you need to achieve a time lapse.

A camera that can be disengaged in manual mode is essential! The automatic modes change the aperture / speed pair constantly and thus change the exposure according to the light conditions, resulting in images with different exposures. Focusing must be done manually. The autofocus is in this case to disable, since the slightest movement, he would remake the point and spoil the shots.
The tripod is the essential accessory to make a time lapse of quality. It should never move, because most often, a Time Lapse requires a long wait. I recommend you ballast the tripod to enhance stability.
A high capacity memory card. With the large amount of photos that will have to be taken to make a Time Lapse, it is necessary to bring a memory card of at least 8 GB or more. Especially if you take your pictures in RAW format that I do not stop recommending.